Our clients are unique and each one has its personal specific needs. This is why Tecnokar Trailers is committed to always provide the perfect solution that can't be find anywhere else on the market. Here you can see a very short list of different projects or details created according to the customer specifications.


laser cutted net side walls + railing structure on the top of side walls + higher protective roof for the cabin

gull-wing hydraulic sidewall

Protection guard for cover + bitumen tarpaulin + Tecnokar windproof cover + black fire extinguisher holder + manual landing legs

Side roll

tecnokar windproof cover

wedges on front wall

tractor 3 axles with coupling height 1100-1150 + customized advertising

tipping front wall towards the floor, the bolts are removable

tank container chassis with lowered part in stainless steel

support stand in stainless steel for tank's pump on lowered-dropped tail

straight front wall

stainless steel protection carter for lights 2

stainless steel protection for winches + 10.5 ton axles

stainless steel protection cover for lights

glossy stainless steel support for connecting mudguards

stainless steel covers for ispection-check on hydraulic system + stainless steel support for mud flaps

stainless steel brakets and front arms

rear part opened for box predisposition as required by the client

rear aluminum tailgate on steel vehicle + full hydraulic flag swinging tailgate

protection guard for automatic cover + stainless steel stone guards

predisposition for the crane, shorter vehicle specifically designed for the city environments

painted rims

nr 2 fire-extinguisher on the front wall

grain hatch flush with the floor with dust bag

Transport metal sheets with walls and extendable rear part

Foldable catwalk on the front side for side roll cover

locking hooks with round tube-pipe

side tipper without side walls with stakes

lateral light in upper position

landing legs with wheels

insulated rear tailgate with 2 doors

hydraulic tailgate with central side doors that can be opened

hydraulic side wall with 2 lateral doors that can be opened

hydraulic side walls with 2 lateral doors that can be opened

hot dip galvanized chassis

nr 2 orange flashing led lights

Internal smooth side profile and double Greek fret side profile

Internal smooth side profile and Greek fret side profile

customized for a specific tractor + cubic meters volume decided by the client with lowered side walls +stainless stone guard carter

Customized curtain up and down

coating diamond plate on beams' floor to avoid splipping

Vertical positioned tool box + rubber pad on the front side

chassis with compactor predisposition (vehicle customized for Greece)

chassis for special equipment transport with Retro System installed

Bumper with rollers for ship

basket on the front side

load support beams + front side wall

2 axles for Switzerland

10 tyres_2axles double mounted_1axle + front wall with personalized inclination for particular tractor + adaption of cabin cover-protection

Stainless steel leverages

4 tilting hooks on the side walls (instead of 3)

Rear door with stainless steel ribs

2 axles chassis for refrigerated body

Chassis for ship with sloped front end

Additional pneumatic safety hook for rear door

3 door hinges on rear side door with two doors (usually the hinges is continuos)