Supertop asphalt

Tecnokar was founded in 1986 after three friends realized once a customer bought a semitrailer, they would often take it to a body shop to be customized. So, why not just sell them a customized vehicle? From this moment of genius, Tecnokar has built a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability and today is considered one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers of semitrailers.

Old vehicle

Today, Tecnokar’s reputation is still passionately protected by those same three founders, who all continue to work together; Graziano Luzzi, who heads up the Technical Department, Fausto Martinelli, the head of the Commercial Department and Fabrizio Piccioni, Head of Production.

Supertop Spoleto Rocca

Based in the center of Italy in Spoleto, Umbria, Tecnokar is proud to be a part of the region’s long heritage with the Italian steel industry. Something that goes all the way back to the 1890s and the area’s first steelworks. Key to Tecnokar’s success is its continued investment in its future, with a new, high-capacity plant opening in the summer of 2022 and a new painting facility due to be completed in 2023.